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Technische Informationen des 120 Watt Adapters


Länge: 13 cm
Breite:   7 cm
Dicke:    3 cm

Input:     50 cm
Output:   50 cm
Output: 180 cm (optional)

Input: 25 cm (standard)



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Custom Solutions
LIND Electronics can be a strong member of your design and production team. Our portable power experience, engineering and manufacturing expertise, guarantee we will quickly and thoroughly understand your design and production requirements. Attention is given to meeting the specific standards used in your industry and product. We incorporate this knowledge into all phases of the services we provide.

We will help define your requirements, from initial planning and engineering services, to development and testing of prototypes, and on to full scale production.

We're proud to say our products are "Made in the USA". Keeping projects within the local area and sourcing components from all over the world assures high quality and fast turnaround. With today's shorter product life cycles, time to market is a key to success, and LIND can deliver on time.

Full Service
Design support
Engineering assistance
Parts purchasing
Order fulfillment Capabilities Include
Conceptual design
Electrical engineering
Printed circuit design
Mechanical design
Product engineering
Plastic mold design
PC board development
PC board stuffing assembly
Complete product testing
Final testing
Packaging of the final product

And Quality! Contact LIND for further details