Here is my equipment and antennas

Currently I use an ICOM IC-7700 with a HEIL HEIL PR-781 or Pro Elite Kit for HF. Furthermore, various hand-held radios and mobile devices for 2m and 70cm. For digital modes on HF, I use a micoKeyerII. The logbook is HRD6.x

The second TRX is my 40 year old DRAKE TR-4C

For UHF/VHF and D-Star I use at home Raspberry + DV-MEGA Hotspot and for portable a ID51 and for QRP my old FT-817.

The main antenna is a DJ2UT XP407 Log.-Periodic Sommer Beam,  7-Elements with upgrade for 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30m at 14 m height.

My German Call is DL1PV

My US Call is KK4LZG

Karlheinz Gross
Ulmenweg 37
66482 Zweibruecken
ITU: 28

CQ: 14
WAZ: 14

DOK: K12